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The Conference Game

Gamify your conference and engage visitors in conversations with sponsors

NFC-Tags For The Masses

Conference visitors get a nfc-tag and a how-to-flyer at the check-in desk.


Tablets For Sponsors

All sponsors get tablets with our pre-installed confgames-app. The app contains questions that deal with conference-objectives of the sponsors (eg. recruiting, products / company presentation)


Prizes For Visitors

Visitors answer questions at a certain amount of sponsor booths to win great prizes. The actual game score is stored with the help of nfc-tags.


Conversations & Leads

Up to 50% of all visitors get engaged in conversation with sponsors and share name & e-mail. Sponsors are provided with a significant amount of leads.


gamified conferences

some impressions to give you a feeling of whats going on.

Symfony Live Berlin 2013

8 game levels, 45% participation rate, 118 players, Ø 54 generated leads per sponsor, 9 winners

Symfony Live 2013

PHP UnConference Hamburg

4 game levels, 300 visitors, 130 players, Ø 25 generated leads per sponsor, 6 winners

PHP UnConference 2013

Audi Castle Night Event

3 castles, 4 game level, 800 visitors, 300 players, 217 generated contacts

Audi Castle Night Event

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